Who and what is openology?
About Openology
Openology aims to change the current paradigm by introducing verification of medical video. A transparent and formal peer review by experts in the relevant field, wrapped with a set of guiding principles to increase the user experience across the healthcare spectrum.
About us
What we are aiming to solve
Challenges today
While viewing and sharing medical video has existed for years in both clinical and educational use, the peer review process required for written articles has yet to make the leap to video. Recent years have seen an exponential growth in use of video, accelerated further by the 2020 Corona/Covid-19 pandemic, and so has misinformation and erroneous content being shared. The combination creates an increasingly challenging environment for healthcare professionals to navigate and find medically sound content. The lack of trust and challenging nature of current environment is hampering the use of medical video and preventing major benefit for healthcare professionals, educators, students and patients alike.
Who should get involved?
Target groups
The service is targeting 1) professionals and 2) students in the health care sector, with initial focus on clinical and educational content, research is on the roadmap.
The mission of our service
Position of the service
The positioning of Openology is bridging the gap between the constraints of local wards and institutions with the rapidly increasing industry wide demand for video content as new generations of medical professionals enter education and the healthcare workforce. Creating value for users and society. To achieve our goals Openology establishes collaboration with leading institutions and organizations across Europe. This, in order to broaden the utilization of the standard while gathering existing material siloed across the industry.
Once upon a time...
How it all started
The project stems from the vision of MD/PhD Marco Bartocci (Chief medical at Neonatal Karolinska University hospital) to share video, in full consent with parents, of minor operations on prematurely born children. Only to discover the lack of processes for publishing and sharing video.
Areas of focus
The key areas of focus for the Openology project are:
Peer review
A transparent content validation by peers and experts in the relevant healthcare field. By leveraging public blockchain infrastructure, the full set of review transactions are logged and easily viewed by all.
Protecting patients rights
Openology provides guiding principles for assisting creators to better adhere to legal and ethics requirements.
Raising the bar of medical video with the help of AI by promoting best practice in technical, sound, lighting and storytelling.
Promoting of verified content through the indexing of all content at source with associated abstract, ensuring the publisher/creator can receive full credit for citations and views.